Khajuraho – The Majestic Getaway to Peep into the Concept of Kamasutra

The city of Khajuraho, located in the central part of India in the state of Madhya Pradesh has been a symbolic place in India’s culture since ages. It is considered to be an inspiring as well as a majestic destination owing its architectural treasures. Tourists flock from all across the globe to this spectacular location in order to study in-depth about the Indian heritage and various interesting stories revolving around it.

History of Khajuraho

The rulers of ancient India are credited to have built the famous Khajuraho temples. The city got its name from the word “Khajur” since the temples were under the cover of date palm trees after the end of rule of the dynasties. The temples depict the art of Kama Sutra, and are considered to be aesthetic pieces of art that reflect divinity.

Climate & Language of the place

 The climate in this part of India can be very testing and extreme for the ones visiting for the first time. There can be variations in the day and night temperatures and the rainfall also happen in considerable amounts. The best time to visit Khajuraho is between the months of September to March. Hindi is widely spoken in the region while the guides are also fluent in Dutch and French because of the frequency of foreign tourists gathering in this destination. To cut the travelling cost to this place one can avail the various deals on domestic flight offers.

 How to get there?

You can arrive in Khauraho by the Khajuraho airport that is located about five kilometers from the city and is connected to the major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Road travel can be a good idea if you have some time on hand and a good company. There are various deals and offers in the form of coupons to help the tourists travel within their budgets. Also,    the city is well-connected by trains from New Delhi, Varanasi and Agra.

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Things to watch and explore

 The Khajuraho temples are the largest collection of Hindu temples in the world and you must not forget to watch the brilliant architectural masterpieces as they are, with erotic sculptures and intricate carvings. The art works signify the human feelings of love and passion through the structures carved on the walls of the temples. The figures are mostly of gods, deities and humans made of granite and sandstone. The sculptures show various representations of eroticism in the purest way, and that is why they have become the subject matter of studies all across the world.

Khajuraho temples are declared as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in India and owing to this fact it beckons more and more visitors from both near and far. With the increasing number of people visiting this wonderful and unique place lucrative Redbus promo code are also available to help one select the best deal as per the requirement. If you want to glide into the mythological past and search for own existence and real meaning of sexuality, a visit to Khajuraho will pay you off.

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