Top 5 historical places in India

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India is the country that is completely steeped into history. The past of the country shows the involvement of different religions, empires, rulers, etc. Many of the historical places in India are famous in the entire world for its cultural importance. The historical attractions in India have helped the country in generating the revenue. The historical places in India are famous for the architecture and the religions residing in the country since past. Some of the best historical places in India are listed below.

1. lalquila Delhi

Red fort is also known as lal quila. It is the residence of the Mughal emperor. Till 1857 the Mughal emperor of India resided in the red fort. The red fort is located in center of Delhi and it contains number of museums. The fort was not only the residence place for the emperor but it was also the place where the ceremonies were carried and the political issues were discussed. Expedia coupons can help you in reducing the prices of tickets and it have tie ups with many banks leading to give you numerous benefits.

2. Kumbalgarh

Kumbalgarh is the jewel of Mewar and is situated in Rajasthan. This place is the historical place which is the combination of power, culture and royalty. The fort contains 360 temples of different religions. The place also contains a wildlife sanctuary where the adventure activities and heritage walk can be carried. All the basic facilities like resorts, restaurants and hotels, transportation, etc are available.

3. Shimla

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and it is very famous historical place. The place covers the peaks that are covered with snow and it is possible to have the heritage walk at the place. Shimla contains Victorian era architecture which is very famous. Many other activities can also be performed. Shimla is the retreat destination for Mahatma Gandhi. Here you can spend some excellent time of your life.

4. Fatehpur sikri

Fatehpursikri is the city in Uttar Pradesh which was the capital of the Mughal Empire during 16th century. At present it is like the deserted but is very well preserved. The occupants abandoned the city due to lack of water supply. It is constructed if red sandstone and contains courtyards and regal palaces. The place makes you feel like you are at the medieval times. Travelguru discount coupons will give you the chance to shorten your tour cost.

5. Tughlaqabad

The place is the resemblance of ruins of Mohenjdaro. The place is major attractions because of the height and the top view. The engineering skills and intelligence is used to make the artificial lake around the area. The size of the fortress mesmerizes visitors.

India is historical

India is the combination of different religions and cultures and has been ruled by different empires. All these can be still viewed at the famous historical places. India has been very famous in architecture since past and all the places resemble the history of India.

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