Ooty – The Pristine Summer Destination Of Southern India

This beautiful hill station town coming under the radar of travel enthusiasts far and wide is a holiday destination of sheer delight to any. The quiet serene serene ambiance and the breathtaking beauty of its natural landscape makes tourists and travellers revisit this place every opportunity they get.

Ooty Tourism

Tamil Nadu is known to be a powerful state and the hub for many big industries in India. Home to cities like Coimbatore and Chennai which has huge industries in automobile and many other fields, this place also has many prestigious colleges in this field too which explains the high number of working professionals, youngsters and students in this place. The climate is crude and harsh in these cities and the presence of winter is hardly felt, which is why place like Ooty has become a favorite weekend getaway.

This small hill station resort is packed with tourists and visitors during the peak seasons. The streets are packed during the peak season which is the summer season and so are the Ooty hotels. However if you prefer a quieter time to visit, then choose the time between August to November. The vast spread of greeneries across the hills are showered with the beautiful rains from the monsoon season and turn to a luxuriant lush green. There may be a drizzle here and there during this time but as long as you do not over do the playing in the rain, you need not worry to fall sick.

There is no dearth for accommodations in Ooty and some of the Ooty hotels and resorts have a unique touch to them with a British touch to them. Ooty was a very popular summer destination during the British rule and the houses they have built during their time still stands perfectly which has been changed into various hotels and resorts. The manner of catering and even the cuisine has a strong English influence.

During your stay in Ooty, there are ample of outdoor activities you could try your hands on. Ooty is not a place to be visited to end up staying a luxurious hotel the whole day and getting pampered. There are certain place your can do that but you will certainly miss out what the adventurous hill station has to offer if you spend your day doing that here.
You could also avail homestay in Ooty where you could live like a paying guest. But the best way to really complete the experience of Ooty is to look out for a hotel with a good view of the landscape which is even more beautiful when you visit right after the monsoon season. The slight drizzle in the early morning makes for a picturesque view from your balcony when you can simply look out of your balcony with a hot cup of steaming tea and let the majestic sight sink in.

Ooty is fast becoming a tourist favorite and not just a weekend getaway for people living in neighbouring cities. The demand for Ooty hotels during the peak seasons speaks volumes of how much visitors this small hill station town sees every year.

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